Mid Ride KIT (DOS & Leg Strap)

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Drop and offset mount with legstrap kit - this allows for mounting in the 'Mid ride' position.


Drop and offset mount:

When installed on your holster, the Blade-Tech Gen 2 Duty Drop & Offset (DD/OS G2) Adapter facilitates a more natural draw stroke. As the name suggests, this attachment physically drops and pushes the holster away from your body allowing better access with plate carriers. (Belt and paddle attachments tend to position the holster and weapon higher and closer to the body.)  All mounting hardware included.


Leg strap:

High-quality thick and strong elastic webbing with a woven on one side anti-slip rubber (38mm). Single leg/thigh strap to improve holster stability when mounted in the 'mid ride' position.


(Only one strap in kit, please select colour option above)